Example Resume Attachments
Portfolio Attachment
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Accolades Attachment
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Skills Attachment
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Career Search - Best Practice
- Bill McCausland

These attachments are examples of what you can do to supplement your resume and stand-out
from the crowd in your job search.  Best used during the interview to substantiate your resume
and neutralize any concerns regarding your qualifications.

Portfolio -        This document provides an opportunity to have a visually rich supplement to                
                           your resume.

Accolades -    Reformatted version of recommendations received via Linkedin.

Skills -              Designed to demonstrate that you have the skills sought after for the position
                       you are interviewing from a third party perspective, consider using quotes from            
                        previous performance reviews.

Take advantage of furthering your brand by creating a cohesive look for all of your supporting
materials.  Make sure to personalize any attachments to be specific for the position you are